From the 70's to the early 80's I yearned for an airbrush! The work of  H.R. Giger, Chris Foss and others convinced me I needed one : I did get a really good one and it saw a lot of service for a few years - until I found that I was using it less and less, and just for those few effects one couldn't easily do another way. I was preferring the textures achievable by   brush and pencil. I started out  painting mostly in gouache (it's what they taught me at  college), watercolour pencils and  airbrush inks. Later acrylics took over, as the painted surface is more durable,  the colours appear deeper than with gouache, and are less vulnerable to scratching and staining. I do also love oils, but find them impractical for illustration in a small workspace. I'll start using them again if I get a bigger studio! Recently I aquired a Wacom tablet and I'm currently doing a  lot of digital work. It's pretty amazing, but I won't be altogether dropping  my traditional materials any time soon!