I create strong figurative art and illustrations of odd and fantastic things: Warped reality, myth and fable, future visions and imagined horrors, in a variety of media for private collectors, games and publications; album covers, posters and  backdrops for bands and nightclubs; murals and community art, concept designs for film and TV projects. My original works have been exhibited and sold  in London, Scunthorpe, Nottingham and Birmingham. I have even had some training as a tattooist!
Born in the 60's, in a pleasant, dusty corner of England, the middle of three children, I was the quiet one. When I wasn't scouring the yard and outside loo for creepy-crawlies I was immersing myself in my comics and toys, making weird things out of plasticine and filling my drawing books with maps and cutaways and odd little creatures. My play world intertwined the well-used, dusty, solid world I found myself in and the kitsch surreal world  I found in  comics, books, TV, cinema and the visions induced by the radio. I loved Dr Who, Captain Scarlet, Star Trek ,Ace of Wands and Lost in Space. I saw The Beast from 20000 Fathoms and fell in love with stop-motion monsters. But as well as myths and magic, I also fell in love with the concrete world of the sciences, of biology, astronomy and physics and the human world of history and psychology.
My passion for  intermixing the real and the bizarre runs through all my work, as you shall see...

Neville's Magic Junkshop
Photoshop painting from ink original, from Night Drago , a Puffin Fighting Fantasy Gamebook written by Keith Martin (1993)